Interior Design Services Provided

interior design

Interior Design service by Interior Passion

Interior Passion creates beautifully unique decors that meet out client's desires. Our crews work diligently to cross every "T" and dot every "I". In short, we are dedicated to the project from start to finish.

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luxury home architecture

Luxury Home Architecture

Our focus on architecture is on luxury homes and villas that are modern, highly functional and beautiful. Our styles fall into the class of minimalistic, traditional and modern.

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floor plans autocad 3d rendering

Floor Plans & 3D Rendering

Our team provide top quality renders and floor plans. This allows our customers to have a better comprehension of the layouts and designs.

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Our local workers provides beautiful standard quality landscaping design, while our celebrity designer "Andreas Brümmel" Well-known German landscape architecture provides world class landscaping for larger commercial projects or high-end luxury homes

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websites, logos and graphics

Web Design, Logos & graphics

Most members of our firm have years of experience and schooling in different aspects of design, some are also well-versed in coding Websites, designing logos and producing quality graphic work. This allows us not only to provide high quality interior design for commercial designs , but it also enables us to use other areas of expertise to make your company highly visible.

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renovations and fitouts

Renovations and Fit-outs

We team up with different building groups who are good in different aspects of renovating or doing full fit-outs from our floor plans. Some are for larger luxury homes and commercial projects while others are for standard projects. We continue to add skilled craftsmen, technical tradesmen and women as well as skilled laborers. Of course, the crews used depend on a few factors. These can depend on the clients budget, the complexity of the project; as well as other aspects of the fitout.

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