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Full Service Interior Design

Full Service Design

We're with you from start to finish on each Interior Design or architectural project professional services so your residential or commercial projects come out correctly Read More

residential design


Our team provides high-quality Luxury Interiors which are uniquely beautiful and highly-functional. Live life to the fullest and let your residential surroundings make you feel great!

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commercial design


Every business from restaurants to hotels need the proper tools. The design should convey what a company is about. Our team understand these concepts and strive to research every part of the project. This allows us to provide each company and office with everything that is important to their continued success.

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web & graphic design

Web & Graphics

Every facet of Interior and graphic design is rooted in one of our our teams blood. It does not matter whether it is Interior Design, web or graphics design. We provide the very best solutions. They are tailored for every individual need. We treat company logos, event displays, branding, kiosk, interior design, architecture or Landscaping, with equal respect. It is all about the passion, which drives us daily. and much more.

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about us and our priorities

Our position and personal company cheer is always a simple "life without passion is void". Our team members truly believe that good design takes dedication, research and time. Going too quickly is a avenue paved with many mistakes. This can create a loss of money and projects that get dragged out. No one wants this scenario so, we aim for the best possible balance. Our first goal is to make the best design possible for each client, then to go the extra distance. Each one of us want the assurance that every step is well thought out and is on path with our client's desires. That being said, we do not take all projects that come to us. It's important that each project must be a win-win for everyone involved. This formula equates to the longevity of our company and success of our clients

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about interior passion

Who we are

We are the most passionate about each customer. Likewise, so it goes with each interior design or architectural project we commit ourselves to. this passion carries over to ever aspect of the journey we take together.

  • Jack Anthony LaBarck

    Company Director

    As the managing director and founder of Interior Passion I bring 37 years of experience to our clients. Within my youth and during Summer school breaks, I trained as a 3rd generation of builder. Our family company originated in the New York and New Jersy areas. As a young adult I spent many of my extra hours being schooled in interior design and elements of architecture.

  • Jade Tan

    Managing Interior Designer Supervisor

    Jade brings us 12 years of experience in the South East Asia Region. She has worked with many celebrity firms over the years and over-sees each project to make sure every aspect of the design comes along well, especially, before passing to our Company Director for review.

  • Nicolaus J Baldwin

    Architectural Engineer

    Nicolaus Brings 18 years of experience in architecture and landscape design, with his first degreee in engineering. He is responsible for our Luxury Homes and small to medium size Business Architectural projects.

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