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Why you should choose us

Why you choose an interior design firm can be quite complexed or very easy. I boils down to the individual. Our company believes that a partnership should be a two way street. Meaning, mutual respect, ethics and goals for their project. Above all, there should be a passion and fire for the design. If either party feels like working together cannot be a win-win then it is not a healthy relationship. Having said that, we desire the client to be happy, secure and willing to join us in a good experience.

Everything you should know about us

Unlike many firms who work in large office spaces in the city area, we tend to work in our home offices. The majority of us have worked together for 17 years or more. We do have a nice size office where some of the 3d designers work, however, we do believe that our crew can be more productive in a relaxing atmosphere.

Interior Passion also has good working relationships with quite a few other interior design, architectural and landscape design companies. This means we pull resources when any of us have large projects or we are overly scheduled with projects.While our approach can seem very unique, I also believe that this is the new way of doing business.

about us and our priorities

Simply put, our team puts our clients and then the project as the most important priority.

Having true passion for what we do is key for us. Whether it is interior design, architecture, landscaping or home renovation, I believe having direction and good planing before we even start, is dire to the success of the work we accomplish.

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Who we are

We are unique, passionate, always researching, constantly reviewing and hard working!

Our core belief is that we share a journey and adventure with our clients which brings them to where they desire to be.